Smart interfaces – Monday afternoon




Invited Conference:
Can Machines Design? Optimizing User Interfaces for Human Performance
Prof. Antti Oulasvirta


Coffee break


Papers Session:
Chair: Antti Oulasvirta

15h30 Geometrical Shapes Rendering on a Dot-Matrix Display
Bellik Yacine, Clavel Celine
16h00 Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition for Mobile Systems Using Deep LSTM
Gepperth Alexander, Sarkar Ayanava, Kopinski Thomas, Handmann Uwe


Adjustable Autonomy for UAV Supervision Applications through Mental Workload Assessment Techniques
Bazzano Federica, Grimaldi Angelo, Lamberti Fabrizio, Paravati Gianluca, Gaspardone Marco

Brain Computer Interfaces – Tuesday morning


Papers Session:
Chair: Amine Chellali

9h30 Classification of motor imagery based EEG signals using sparsity approach
S R Sreeja, Rabha Joytirmoy, Samanta Debasis, Mitra Pabitra, Sarma Monalisa
10h00 Mental Workload Assessment for UAV Traffic Control Using Consumer-Grade BCI Equipment
Bazzano Federica, Montuschi Paolo, Lamberti Fabrizio, Paravati Gianluca, Casola Silvia, Ceron Gabriel, Londono Jaime, Tanese Flavio


  Coffee break

10h45 Improving classification performance by combining feature vectors with a boosting approach for Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
Rajan Rachel, T D Sunny
11h15 LINEUp:List Navigation using Edge Menu
Eisa Rana, Abouelsadat Wael
11h45 Detecting Vigilance in People Performing Continual Monitoring Task
Samima Shabnam, Sarma Monalisa, Samanta Debasis



Applications – Tuesday afternoon


Invited Conference:
Simplexity and vicariance. On human cognition principles for man-machine interaction

Prof. Alain Berthoz


Coffee break


Papers Session:
Chair: Samanta Debasis

15h15 Design considerations for self paced interactive notes on video lectures - a learner's perspective and enhancements of learning outcome
Deb Suman, Bhattacharya Paritosh
15h45 Using psycholinguistic features for the classification of comprehenders from summary speech transcripts
Barnwal Santosh Kumar, Tiwary Uma Shanker
16h15 Lector: Towards Reengaging Students in the Educational Process inside Smart Classrooms
Korozi Maria, Leonidis Asterios, Antona Margherita, Stephanidis Constantine
16h45 Predicting Driver's Work Performance in Driving Simulator Based on Physiological Indices
Cong Chi Tran, Shengyuan Yan, Jean Luc Habiyaremye, Yingying Wei

Machine Perception of Humans – Wednesday morning


Invited Conference:
Interpersonal Human-Human and Human-Robot Interactions
Prof. Mohamed Chetouani


Coffee break


Papers Session:
Chair: Mohamed Chetouani

10h15 Exploring the Dynamics of Relationships between Expressed and Experienced Emotions
Srinivasan Ramya, Chander Ajay
10h45 Standard Co-training in Multiword Expression Detection
Kumova Metin Senem
11h15 Comparative Study on Normalisation in Emotion Recognition from Speech
Boeck Ronald, Egorow Olga, Siegert Ingo, Wendemuth Andreas





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