The international conferences on Intelligent Human Computer Interaction (IHCI) are forums for the presentation of technological advances and research results at the crossroads of human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence, signal processing and computer vision. They bring together engineers and scientists from around the world. Proceedings are published by major scientific editors.

The 9th edition in the series, IHCI 2017, will be held in Evry, near Paris, France, on December 11-13, 2017. Theoretical, practical and application-oriented contributions are invited. Topics of interest include Human Cognition Modeling, Brain Computer Interfaces, Tactile interfaces, Human-Robot Interaction and collaboration, User adaptation and Personalization, Machine Perception of Humans and Applications.

Patrick Horain (Telecom SudParis), Chair
Catherine Achard (University Pierre et Marie Curie), Co-Chair
Malik Mallem (Evry Val d'Essonne University), Co-Chair

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